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KANTE ZK s.r.o.
Kout na Sumave 320

Filling machine
Filling machine is a machine to fill toner cartridge hoppers or to load the exact weight of the toner to the bottles for the next step use.

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filling machine


Label tape

KANTE ZK s.r.o. significant Czech distributor of supplies and spare parts for office equipment. We also supply materials and equipment for the renovation of toner and ink cartridges.

                 since 1991
Supplies for the office technology
Spare parts for copiers Ribbons for printers and typewriters
20. 1. 2017  New price list
Service vacuum cleaners ATRIX
We offer service vacuum cleaners ATRIX and equipment to this. Complete line and more informations (including pictures) you find here.
Worktable KANTE, Vacuum KANTE 12
Helper of service centres and companies put mind to recycling of toner cartridges. Make fast work and reduce dustiness in the workplace.

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Worktable KANTE a Vacuum KANTE 12